• Radio LIB Annual Jamboree

    Recognizing the needs for Liberians in the Diaspora to reunite and reflect on childhood experiences as well as identifying with cultural activities, RadioLIB organizes a Jamboree every year.

  • Radio LIB welcomes the general public.

    We are more than Entertainment

    Not only do we entertain, RadioLIB also broadcasts news and programs relevant to the daily lives of Liberian citizens in Liberia and the Liberian Diaspora..

  • Promoting sport at our annual Jamboree

    Radio Lib promote sports as a major activity at our jamboree.

  • Community Involvement

    Whenever we can, we try our best to involve our community in our activities.

Radio LIB is the first Liberian online radio station broadcasting in the United States. most

Listeners have the opportunity to participate in live interviews with Liberian personalities and artists and also send shout out to their family and friends in Liberia and the around the world.

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Locked in Power Struggle, Congo Army, Mi…

September 18, 2017 | Hits:6 | African News

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA — Congolese army commanders orchestrated a wave of massacres that killed hundreds of people between 2014-2016 as they vied for influence with anti-government insurgents in northeastern Democratic Republic...

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Urgent Action Under Way to Prevent Sprea…

September 18, 2017 | Hits:9 | African News

GENEVA — An emergency vaccination campaign is getting under way in northeastern Nigeria to prevent a deadly cholera outbreak from spreading to other countries.The World Health Organization reports the potentially devastating...

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55,000 People Displaced Amid Ethnic Clas…

September 17, 2017 | Hits:10 | African News

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA — More than 55,000 ethnic Oromos have been displaced from Ethiopia's Somali region after a week of clashes with Somalis in which dozens were killed, the regional government...

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Somali Militants Assassinate Intelligenc…

September 17, 2017 | Hits:10 | African News

The al-Shabab militant group has claimed responsibility for the killing of a senior intelligence officer and his bodyguard in a drive-by shooting in southern Mogadishu.Mohamud Moallim Hassan Qoley was fatally...

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Kenya's Opposition Urges Reform of Elect…

September 17, 2017 | Hits:7 | African News

NAIROBI, KENYA — Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga Sunday said the coalition he leads will hold nationwide campaigns to urge reforms of the electoral commission before the fresh presidential elections next...

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Children Flee, Fight Amid Congo's Growin…

September 17, 2017 | Hits:8 | African News

DAKAR — Congo's Kasai region is the latest deadly hotspot in the vast Central African country that has had violent rebellions for decades. Once again, children are among the most vulnerable...

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Africa’s Ties to North Korea Extend Beyo…

September 17, 2017 | Hits:5 | African News

WASHINGTON — As the U.N. investigates at least seven African countries for possible violations of United Nations sanctions on North Korea, many other countries across the continent have, in recent years...

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At Least Six Killed as Rival Somali Troo…

September 16, 2017 | Hits:6 | African News

WASHINGTON — At least six people were killed and eight others wounded Saturday when rival Somali government forces clashed in the capital, Mogadishu, officials and witnesses said.“We have the dead bodies...

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World Hunger Swells as Conflict, Climate…

September 16, 2017 | Hits:7 | African News

GENEVA — The United Nations reports world hunger is rising because conflicts and problems related to climate change are multiplying. The report finds about 815 million people globally did not have...

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